Machine Learning for Societal Improvement, Modernization, and Progress

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Vishnu Pendyala




Learning has been fundamental to the growth and evolution of humanity and civilization. The same concepts of learning, applied to the tasks that machines can perform, are having a similar effect now. Machine learning is evolving computation and its applications like never before. It is now widely recognized that machine learning is playing a similar role to electricity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in modernizing the world. From simple high school science projects to large-scale radio astronomy, machine learning has revolutionized it all—however, a few of the applications clearly stand out as transforming the world and opening up a new era.

Machine Learning for Societal Improvement, Modernization, and Progress showcases the path-breaking applications of machine learning that are leading to the next generation of computing and living standards. The focus of the book is machine learning and its application to specific domains, which is resulting in substantial civilizational progress. Covering topics such as lifespan prediction, smart transportation networks, and socio-economic data, this premier reference source is a dynamic resource for data scientists, industry leaders, practitioners, students and faculty of higher education, sociologists, researchers, and academicians.


Applied Data Science