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Soft Computing and its Engineering Applications. icSoftComp 2021


Kanubhai K. Patel, Gayatri Doctor, Atul Patel, Pawan Lingras



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Machine learning is an exciting field for many, but the rigor, math, and its rapid evolution are often found to be formidable, keeping them away from studying and pursuing a career in this area. Similarity has been substantially explored in machine learning algorithms such as in the K-nearest neighbors, Kernel methods, Support Vector Machines, but not so much in human learning, particularly when it comes to teaching machine learning. In the course of teaching the subject to undergraduate, graduate, and general pool of students, the author found that relating the concepts to real-world examples greatly enhances student comprehension and makes the topics much more approachable despite the math and the methods involved. This paper relates some of the concepts, artifacts, and algorithms in machine learning such as overfitting, regularization, and Generative Adversarial Networks to the real world using illustrative examples. Most of the analogies included in the paper were well appreciated by the students in the course of the author’s teaching and acknowledged as enhancing comprehension. It is hoped that the material presented in this paper will benefit larger audiences, drawing more learners to the field, resulting in enhanced contributions to the area. The paper concludes by suggesting deep learning for automatically generating similarities and analogies as a future direction.


Machine learning, Nearest neighbors, Learning by analogy


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