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San Jos© State University (SJSU) has implemented several strategies to increase its graduation and retention rates. One of these strategies was block scheduling. Incoming freshmen students in the College of Engineering were put into at least two classes with the same students so that they formed a learning community. This effort began in Fall 2015 and the first four-year graduates received their degrees in 2019. Overall, the percent of engineering students graduating in four years has increased from 7.3% for Fall 2013 freshmen to 17.4% for Fall 2015 freshmen, our first cohort in this project. We surveyed all the engineering students scheduled to graduate either in Spring or Summer 2019 and asked them about their experiences at SJSU. This paper will discuss the results of a survey of the engineering students who graduated in four years and what helped them graduate in a timely manner. In addition, we will analyze the differences in four-year completion rates among different groups of students.


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