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The CCTE SPAN 2020 Research Monograph

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We have observed that many of the multiple-subjects teacher credential candidates in our program often reveal deficit views of autistic children. This report provides an example of how we help credential candidates learn to reframe deficit thinking about neurodiversity via the examination, discussion, and dramatization of a collection of dilemma-based case stories designed to help our students unearth preconceptions and engage in shared inquiry. One strength of this approach is that it asks candidates to develop specific and realistic plans of action, to adopt a care ethic requiring them to think and act from the perspective of the child, to think about the limits of their ability to differentiate, and to recognize that even with mainstreamed autistic children, as non-specialists our candidates may frequently find themselves out of their depth and in need of the expertise of more knowledgeable colleagues.


This chapter originally appeared in The CCTE SPAN 2020 Research Monograph, published by the California Council on Teacher Education. The chapter and monograph can also be found online at: It has been reposted here with permission.


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