Transfer Trajectories Connecting the Regions near the Moon and Triangular Libration Points in the Earth-Moon System with Solar Perturbations

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AIAA Scitech 2020 Forum




The Earth-Moon triangular libration points have long been thought of as potential locations for communications satellites. The recent confirmation of the existence of the Kordylewski dust clouds might make the triangular libration points in the Earth-Moon system a new target of scientific interest. The focus of the current investigation is to validate Circular Restricted Three-Body Problem (CR3BP) transfer trajectories from a lunar Distant Retrograde Orbit to a triangular libration point Short-Period Orbit previously computed by Capdevila and Howell in a higher fidelity model that includes solar perturbations due to gravity. The algorithm to transition CR3BP solutions into a Sun-Earth-Moon ephemeris model is described and various three-body transfer trajectories are transitioned to the high fidelity model.


Aerospace Engineering