7000 Miles

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7000 Miles follows the story of a passionate pilot (Jo), who must return home to Hawaii to care for her ailing grandmother (Meli). Although fiesty and spry, Meli continues to get lost in her visions, struggling to put the pieces of her life’s puzzle together. As her Gran’s fragmented memories blur the lines of past & present, real & wondrous, Jo begins to suspect that Meli might actually be history’s most celebrated aviatrix.

7000 MILES is a story about two dynamic women facing different chapters in their lives who must together navigate unexpected truths that emerge from Meli's fragmented memories as she begins to confront dementia. It is also a love letter to Molokai, an untouched island of culture and community of found family.


Alixzandra Dove Rothschild - Actor/Producer

Amy Glazer - Director/Producer

Wendie Malick - "Meli"

Colette Freedman - Writer

Jen Prince - Jhennifer Webberley - Producers

Deborah Glazier - Producer

Raymond Wood - Editor/Post Production Supervisor

Morgan Jackson - Aviation Consultant


Film and Theatre