A Craft it Yourself Future

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Contribution to a Book

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Mass Customization and Design Democratization


Branko Kolarevic, José Pinto Duarte




The definition of craft often refers to custom work performed by hand. However, a new genre of craft has emerged, one that takes lessons from both the industrial and pre-industrial eras, enlightened by new methodologies that have arisen from fabrication technologies. There is a renewed interest in building knowledge through repetition and practice of a skilled trade employing the aid of digital tools in order to mass customize and to create mass complexity. Democratic craft means that good products can be available to everyone. Decreased costs associated with desktop 3D printers and increased access to them in public libraries, grade schools, and universities mean that access to 3D printing has become the norm rather than the exception. Building on the knowledge gained in the Picoroco wall, Emerging Objects fashioned one of the largest bio-plastic 3D-printed structures to date, the Star Lounge. The Star Lounge demonstrates a possible democratic future for rapid production and manufacturing of unique and custom parts.