The role of combinatorial mathematical optimization and heuristics to improve small farmers to veterinarian access and to create a sustainable food future for the world

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2020 Fourth World Conference on Smart Trends in Systems, Security and Sustainability (WorldS4)



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The Global Demand for agriculture and dairy products is rising. Demand is expected to double by 2050. This will challenge agriculture markets in a way we have not seen before. For instance, unprecedented demand to increase in dairy farm productivity of already shrinking farms, untethered perpetual access to veterinarians by small dairy farms, economic engines of the developing countries, for animal husbandry and, finally, unprecedented need to increase productivity of veterinarians who're already understaffed, over-stressed, resource constrained to meet the current global dairy demands. The lack of innovative solutions to address the challenge would result in a major obstacle to achieve sustainable food future and a colossal roadblock ending economic disparities. The paper proposes a novel innovative data driven framework cropped by data generated using dairy Sensors and by mathematical formulations using Solvers to generate an exclusive veterinarian daily farms prioritized visit list so as to have a greater coverage of the most needed farms performed in-time and improve small farmers access to veterinarians, a precious and highly shortage stressed resource.


Artificial Intelligence, CBC, Cow Necklace, CPLEX, Edge, GLPK, Hanumayamma, IoT Device, Mathematical Formulation, Pyomo, Solvers, Z3


Computer Engineering