Democratization of Artificial Intelligence for the Future of Humanity

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Artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a transformational technology of the digital age. Its practical applications are growing very rapidly. One of the chief reasons AI applications are attaining prominence, is in its design to learn continuously, from real-world use and experience, and its capability to improve its performance. It is no wonder that the applications of AI span from complex high-technology equipment manufacturing to personalized exclusive recommendations to end-users. Many deployments of AI software, given its continuous learning need, require computation platforms that are resource intense, and have sustained connectivity and perpetual power through central electrical grid.
In order to harvest the benefits of AI revolution to all of humanity, traditional AI software development paradigms must be upgraded to function effectively in environments that have resource constraints, small form factor computational devices with limited power, devices with intermittent or no connectivity and/or powered by non-perpetual source or battery power.
The aim this book is to prepare current and future software engineering teams with the skills and tools to fully utilize AI capabilities in resource-constrained devices. The book introduces essential AI concepts from the perspectives of full-scale software development with emphasis on creating niche Blue Ocean small form factored computational environment products.


Computer Engineering