Richard III by William Shakespeare

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July 14 - 29, 2018

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African-American Shakespeare Company, San Francisco, CA


Richard III explores the Machiavellian rise of power of one of Shakespeare’s most fascinating and complex anti-heroes. King Edward sits on the throne ending the decades-long War of the Roses, but his youngest brother Richard has his eyes on the crown. Fueled by an entitled lust for power and villainous panache, Richard’s path to glory is marked by seduction, murder, and betrayal. His darkly comedic ambition is no match for friends, family, or enemies as he careens his way to the top. Starring AASC Artistic Director L. Peter Callender as the unapologetic king you love to hate, this exploration in masterful manipulation is one of Shakespeare’s most profound commentaries on power, family, and the right to rule.


Director, Video Artist/Media Designer - Kirsten Brandt


Film and Theatre