Waves Break Aural Shores

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"Within the imperfect circle of his optical universe, the perfection of that oscillatory motion formulated promises that the unrepeatable oneness of each wave condemned to not be kept". –Alessandro Baricco, Ocean Sea.
This piece is an exploration of the varying ways in which human and technological perception can understand reality. Waves Break Aural Shores was written using various spectral analyses of the sound of the ocean in Puerto Marqués, in the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Each analysis utilizes a specific resolution, register and loudness threshold, which result in different music notations and instrumental techniques. This leads to the notion of different versions of reality (waves) through the multiplicity and variability of perception (aural shores). Underlying the technique and theory behind the piece, my attempt is to translate the breath and pulse of the breaking waves, to reach inside the heart of another vastness.


Waves Break Aural Shores (2018), 10 min.
(saxophone quartet –soprano, alto, tenor, bass–, electronics)
Premiere: February 19, 2018. Spectrum, Brooklyn, NY. New Thread Quartet


Music and Dance