Fast Intra Prediction Algorithm for AVS3

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Signal and Information Processing, Networking and Computers



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With the development of 5G and multimedia technologies, applications such as ultra-high-definition video, VR and High dynamic range video have become more popular. This has led to an increasing amount of video data, which has brought great challenges to the storage and transmission of video data. Therefore, a video encoder with better compression performance is needed to remove the time redundancy, spatial redundancy and statistical redundancy in the image sequence of video, and greatly compress the raw video data under the premise of ensuring image quality. The Audio Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China has formulated the AVS video coding standard, and the latest AVS3 standard is currently under research and formulation. In order to improve the compression performance of the encoder, AVS3 introduced a large number of new technologies on the basis of AVS2 standard, resulting in a 266% increase in encoding complexity compared to AVS2. This paper optimizes the coding unit partition process and intra mode decision process of AVS3 Results show that the proposed algorithms reduce about 46.82% and 4.49% intra encoding time on average, with only 1.22% and 0.01% increases in terms of BDBR.


AVS3, CU partition, DT, Intra prediction mode