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Gender and Sexuality | Law and Gender | Sexuality and the Law

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Journal of GLBT Family Studies


Reductions in structural stigma, such as gaining access to legalized same-sex marriage, is associated with positive psychological and physical health outcomes among sexual minority adults. However, these positive outcomes may be less robust among sexual minority women (SMW; e.g., lesbian, bisexual, queer) than sexual minority men and new measures are needed to develop a more nuanced understanding of the impact of affirming policies on the health and well-being of SMW. This study assessed the psychometric properties of measures developed to assess the psychosocial impacts of legalized same-sex marriage on the lives of SMW. Participants (N = 446) completed an online survey assessing the psychosocial impact of legalized same-sex marriage in five domains: (1) personal impact, (2) stigma-related concerns, (3) couple impact, (4) LGBTQ community impact, and (5) political/social environment. Psychometric properties of the scales were examined using traditional and Rasch analyses. Personal, concerns, couple, and political/social environment scales demonstrated high internal consistency (α > 0.80), and acceptable levels of reliability even when scales reduced to five items each. The LGBTQ community scale demonstrated adequate internal consistency (α = 0.79) and could only be reduced to 9 items. These scales may be useful in future studies of SMW health and well-being.

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National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities


Sexual minority women, same-sex marriage, survey, psychosocial impact, psychometrics


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