Development of a reconfigurable control equivalent turbulence input model for multirotor UAS

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77th Annual Vertical Flight Society Forum and Technology Display, FORUM 2021: The Future of Vertical Flight




The control equivalent turbulence input (CETI) modeling approach uses flight data taken in turbulence and identifies control inputs that would effectively reproduce the aircraft's response to turbulence. CETI models are extracted and presented for a quad-, hexa- and octocopter using flight test data collected in different wind conditions. Time domain simulation of the developed turbulence models is verified with flight test data. The effects of wind intensity are studied by comparing extracted turbulence models against the collected wind information. The effects of output measurement noise on CETI model identification are studied in simulation as well. The implications of these findings are discussed in relation to the development of a reconfigurable CETI model for multirotor UAS.


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