Camelot: AI-Powered Campaign Management System

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2021 2nd Global Conference for Advancement in Technology, GCAT 2021




AI-Powered tools and technologies have proven to be successful in solving a variety of business problems including sales and marketing optimization. The social media marketing campaign is something widely used today but requires deep domain expertise and human efforts and hence an expensive approach. This problem is most prevalent in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) where the lack of a Cost-effective solution hinders their ability to leverage the power of social media outlets for revenue and mind share growth. In this paper, we propose a system and methods for Automatic marketing Campaign generation using AI models with a Data-driven approach. Kaggle dataset of supermarket analysis was used for experimentation and Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology was used with canned queries for Text Generation, lastly, images were retrieved from the database using Deep Learning-Based Object detection to make the campaign more visually appealing to the clients. This methodology reduces the human efforts required earlier, is more efficient, and helps improve the marketing campaign's reach by further publishing it on social media. This approach achieved satisfactory good results and responses after validation by the industry experts.


AI Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, CDC, Deep Learning, Image Classification, Logical Replication, NLG, Social media marketing campaigns, User Experience, User Interface Design


Computer Engineering