Two-staged multi-resonant multi-phased converter for 48V data center applications

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Conference Proceedings - IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition - APEC



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At present, data center power consumption is increasing due to the rising numbers of internet users, the proliferation of cloud computing, and popularization of the multi-core CPUs. To reduce I2R losses in the DC bus and power distributing network, data centers are following a trend of increasing the bus voltage from 12 V to 48 V. The higher voltage allows for larger power delivery with reduced losses. Replacing all servers with 48 V units is a costly measure. Instead, a DC-DC converter can provide the interface between the 48 V bus and the existing 12 V server units. This paper focuses on designing a 1.5 kW two-staged multi resonant multi-phased switched-capacitor converter with high efficiency, (above 98 %), and high power density as validated in the preliminarily results in this digest. The final paper will include experimental results of a 1.5 kW DC-DC converter prototype.


Electrical Engineering