SOEs with SFE: Forwarding the Work of the Liberal Arts in Democratic Community

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Educational Studies - AESA




Twelve leading Social Foundations of Education (SFE) scholars describe their professional work in the field. The research question within this oral history study is: In what ways do SFE scholars express the importance of the Liberal Arts (LA) framework for the community of educational stakeholders in a democracy? The respondents explain the degree to which democratic teaching and learning—building voice, perspective, and point-of-view of the individual within community—supports growth in society and prepares classroom teachers to do such work. Moreover, they identify SFE as a significant field that leverages the LA framework of critique and deep thinking in teacher preparation coursework. The respondents note the importance of a strong relationship between SFE and Schools of Education (SOEs) methods faculty. They describe how SFE, with LA, advances democratic practices, essential to the work of SOE methods faculty, teachers of PreK–20+ classrooms, and the communities they serve.


Educational Leadership