Static Virtual Network Mapping with Advance Reservation in Elastic Optical Networks

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2023 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications, ICNC 2023



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Many kinds of scientific applications are expected to involve data transmission, processing, and analysis at various data centers and can be represented as virtual network requests. A delay-tolerant application specifies a deadline and the corresponding virtual network request is successfully mapped as long as sufficient resources are assigned to it before the deadline, which is called advance reservation. Elastic optical networks with the capability to flexibly utilize optical bandwidth is a promising candidate for next generation backbone networks. In this paper, we address the virtual network mapping problem for static advance reservation traffic in elastic optical networks, where a set of virtual network requests are given in prior and each request requires to be scheduled within a required time window. The objective is to optimize the resource usage in the elastic optical networks. Both Integer Linear Programming (ILP) formulation and heuristics are proposed. Numerical results are presented to exhibit the effectiveness of the proposed approaches.


advance reservation, elastic optical networks, virtual network mapping


Electrical Engineering