From Smart Life to Smart Life Engineering: A Systematic Mapping Study and Research Agenda

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Conference Proceeding

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Communications in Computer and Information Science


1598 CCIS



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The development of new digital technologies and their omnipresence impact the everyday life of people and intend to contribute to a so-called Smart Life. Numerous Smart Life applications and technologies relate directly to individuals and their life (Smart health, Smart buildings, Smart cities, etc.), but also indirectly through professional applications (Smart manufacturing, Smart grids, Smart farming, etc.). We assert that these applications have common foundations, and several design principles could be established to contextualize the development of Smart Life applications, thus, to introduce the field of Smart Life Engineering. We foresee the domain of Smart Life and Smart Life Engineering as an independent research domain that would contribute to the sharing or reuse of efforts to develop and maintain Smart applications. However, there is no common agreement on the concept of Smart Life and the associated methods and technologies. Thus, this paper provides a systematic view of the existing literature on Smart Life and its decomposition into sub-domains using systematic mapping study and presents a research agenda for Smart Life and Smart Life Engineering.


Research agenda, Smart life, Smart life engineering, Smart technologies, Systematic mapping study


Global Innovation and Leadership