Smart home device security: A survey of smart home authentication methods with a focus on mutual authentication and key management practices

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Cybersecurity in Smart Homes: Architectures, Solutions and Technologies



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"IoT" (Internet of Things), "IIoT" (Industrial Internet of Things), "CPS" (Cyber-Physical Systems) are the common terms that are used to describe the ecosystem of these "smart things". This chapter focuses on security issues within IoT devices in a smart home environment. It aims to study authentication mechanisms in smart home systems with a focus on mutual authentication as a solution to improve the security posture of smart home devices. The chapter gives an overview of a smart connected home system, security issues and solutions in smart devices, a primer on mutual Transport Layer Security, key management practices, mutual authentication in smart home systems and its challenges as well as open research items. Three categories of mutual authentication occur: between the user and the gateway, between the gateway and the smart devices, between the user and the smart devices.


IoT devices, Key management practices, Mutual authentication, Security issues, Smart home devices, Transport Layer Security


Computer Science