Machine Learning Based Dynamic Restoration of Next Generation Wireless Networks

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2022 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops, ICC Workshops 2022






Emerging 5G and next generation 6G wireless are likely to involve myriads of connectivity, consisting of a huge number of relatively smaller cells providing ultra-dense coverage. Guaranteeing seamless connectivity and service level agreements in such a dense wireless system demands efficient network management and fast service recovery. However, restoration of a wireless network, in terms of maximizing service recovery, typically requires evaluating the service impact of every network element. Unfortunately, unavailability of real-time KPI information, during an outage, enforces most of the existing approaches to rely significantly on context-based manual evaluation. As a consequence, configuring a real-time recovery of the network nodes is almost impossible, thereby resulting in a prolonged outage duration. In this article, we explore deep learning to introduce an intelligent, proactive network recovery management scheme in anticipation of an eminent network outage. Our proposed method introduces a novel utilization-based ranking scheme of different wireless nodes to minimize the service downtime and enable a fast recovery. Efficient prediction of network KPI (Key Performance Index), based on actual wireless data demonstrates up to ~ 54% improvement in service outage.


Computer Science