The Future is Red: Visualizing Wildfire Predictions using Contactless Interaction

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Conference Proceeding

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Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings




This paper presents our approach for visualizing, sonifying, and predicting wildfire in the near future and contactless interaction. We provide an interaction tool to depict the causes and results of the wildfire and promote awareness of the environmental issues by giving forecasting results of the wildfire to the audience. Multimodal interaction allows the audience to dynamically experience the changes of the wildfire over time in two representative locations. (California, United States, and South Korea) The interactive multimodal data visualization and sonification depict the past, present, and future of the wildfire. This data-driven design was installed in an art gallery and presented to audience members. Contactless user interaction with Leap Motion cameras was used during the pandemic period for hygienic interaction. In this paper, we describe the design process and how this interface was developed based on environmental issues, and informal user responses from the art gallery setup are discussed.


contactless interaction, data sonification, data visualization, machine learning, predictive analysis, wildfire