Battery Management System Design for Industrial Manufacture

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Conference Proceeding

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2022 IEEE 25th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design, CSCWD 2022



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The development of the energy storage industry and the higher electricity prices lead to the continuous increase of users' demand for battery energy storage in industrial manufacture. To monitor the status of the battery and control the running process of the battery, we need a battery management system (BMS) with good performance and complete functions. Previously proposed BMS generally lacks functionality and is not designed for energy storage systems in industrial manufacture. This paper aims to design and implement a BMS for energy storage. The system can collect various data such as battery voltage, temperature, current, smoke, and so on. The functions of calculating status data, detecting faults, passive battery balance, and display are also supported. Moreover, the system optimizes the functions of battery balance and display. Finally, the experimental results show that the BMS achieves a battery voltage measurement error within 2mV, supports a passive balance current of about 100mA, and makes the computing resource allocation more balanced.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China


Battery management system, Energy storage, Industrial manufacture


Industrial and Systems Engineering