Developing a Dashboard Interface to Display Assessment of Hazards and Risks to sUAS Flights

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The Supplemental Data Services Provider-Consolidated Dashboard (SDSP-CD) is a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays the results of predictive tools in a single location. It is intended to be used in the preflight planning phase of an operation to allow users to proactively assess predicted flight hazards off-line; expanding an operator’s overall situational awareness of a flight plan and providing an opportunity for decision making and assessing the associated risks prior to flight. Hazard data and risk predictions are informative but can be complex to read and understand. However, presented visually and in relation to flight parameters (such as flight path), the nature and significance of hazards become much more evident. The SDSP-Consolidation Dashboard interface was designed to offer a means to present the results of hazard services in an easy to-use format. Two usability studies were run to explore what features might make a suite of hazard assessment services easy to use, and to assess the SDSP-CD interface. The first study evaluated the presentation of information on the GUI and the second evaluated users’ ability to understand and use the information. The studies gathered valuable information about how users approach a hazard assessment task and interpret information from the interface. Many suggestions were given for improving the interface’s information display, to allow users to more quickly understand and interpret the information being presented.


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