#StopAsianHate: A Content Analysis of Public Library Statements Released in Response to Anti-Asian Hate

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Public Library Quarterly




With the recent rise in anti-Asian hate incidents, many Asian American communities have been living in a state of uncertainty and fear. In contrast to the harmful rhetoric that has arguably contributed to such acts of hate, some organizations have issued statements in support of Asian American communities. This study seeks to examine the role and potential impact of statements from public libraries in responding to anti-Asian hate. Content analysis was used to identify the themes found in public library statements, the percentage of libraries that actually released statements, and when the statements were released. Some notable themes from the statements include solidarity with Asian American communities, condemnation of hate incidents, providing information resources, the history of anti-Asian racism, and a commitment to EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) and social justice. The study describes how the overall lack of public library statements and the timing of the statements may affect the stakeholder relationship between Asian Americans and public libraries. In addition, ALA’s ninth principle in its Code of Ethics is used as a framing tool to point out how public libraries can focus on advocacy, awareness, education, and collaboration when creating statements in response to future hate incidents.


#StopAsianHate, anti-Asian hate, Asian Americans, COVID-19, EDI, racial justice, racism, social justice, statements