Are certain types of leisure activities associated with happiness and life satisfaction among college students?

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World Leisure Journal




It is well-documented that participation in leisure activities plays an essential role in coping with stress and improving health. However, we know less about what types of leisure activities are more relevant to life satisfaction and happiness among college students. Thus, the purpose of this study was to investigate how various leisure activities relate to happiness and life satisfaction among college students. Data were collected using a sample of 266 in Indiana, United States. Results from hierarchical multiple regression analysis indicate that certain types of activities (i.e. outdoor, sports, social, cultural and civic activities) were particularly associated with life satisfaction and happiness. In this regard, this study confirmed that the relationships of leisure activity with life satisfaction and happiness vary across leisure activity types. Furthermore, this study highlights the importance of providing a variety of campus recreational programmes and cultural and social events to foster and sustain adequate physical activity, which will lead to improved life satisfaction and happiness.


Leisure, happiness, life satisfaction, college students


Public Health and Recreation