Broadband acoustic lens design using gradient-based optimization

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of the International Congress on Acoustics


In this work, we present a gradient-based optimization (GBO) method [1, 2] for the design of a broadband acoustic lens. This design is based on an optimization process using the semi-analytical optimization approach by means of multiple scattering theory. The GBO algorithm maximizes the sound amplification at the focal point by evaluating pressure derivative with respect to the cylinder positions and then perturbatively optimizing the position of each cylinder in the lens. The results of the GBO of the uni- and multi-directional broadband acoustic lens designs are presented including performance measures for the frequency and the incidence angle dependency. Examples of sound localization and focusing effects produced by planar nonuniform and uniform configurations of cylindrical structures such as rigid or void cylinders as well as thin elastic shells are shown.

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San José State University


Acoustic metamaterials, Gradient-based optimization, Sound localization


Mechanical Engineering