The explanation of Eco-cities parameters

Publication Date

January 2013

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Danesh-e-nama magazine


The growing trend of population growth, which peaked after World War II, has led to serious environmental damage to meet the needs of the global population, so the issue of environmental protection has become an important concern of researchers and governments today, and attention to environmental sustainability, especially in design. Urban is one of the important demands of the international community in the last three decades of the 21st century. Considering this issue, sustainable urban and urban development consider environmental protection as the main goals of cities and provide environmentally friendly design components. And then the geological city was studied that the materials presented in the first stage are the result of documentary and library studies of valid sources and in the next stage the introduction of successful global examples of ecological cities provides a basis for evaluating the success of the components of these urban theories. As urban design criteria due to attention to environmental issues It can guarantee the future of this global public capital by changing current urban planning policies.


Environment, sustainable urban development, ecological city

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