The Investment Perspective for Major Innovation Process Participants

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July 2018

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IEEE Engineering Management Review







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In the March 2018 Technology Manager's Notebook discussion on innovation management [1], innovation was defined as “an idea implemented with impact.” Based on this definition, the innovation process consists of four major types of participants:The Idea Generator generates and champions a creative idea, but in some cases, may just be the champion of an idea that has already been generated.The Core Team provides the initial technical and management capabilities for developing and implementing the creative idea into products or services for the Adopter. The Idea Generator is usually the leader of the Core Team. Moreover, as the implementation process expands, the Core Team will evolve to include the General Staff.The Supporter provides the resources to support the development and implementation of the creative idea and may include both the Investor and Supplier. Furthermore, it also includes the Regulator, who provides indirect support from the Community and Governments for a win-win implementation.The Adopter includes both the End User and Intermediate Distributor for the products or services, if they are not distributed directly to the End User.The Idea Generator, Core Team, and Supporter collectively form the Implementer, and the Adopter is the Impact Generator.Furthermore, if the Idea Generator and Core Team together establish their independent organization with external support, then they are commonly known as the Entrepreneur. On the other hand, if they work within an existing organization with the organization as the main Supporter, then they are generally known as the Internal Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur.


Investment, Technological innovation, Generators, Innovation management, Organizations, Portfolios, Shape


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