R & R Dialog: Congratulations, You Got a Revise and Resubmit! Now What? The Impetus Behind and Lessons Learned from a Successful Years-long PDW Focused on the Peer Review Revision Process

Publication Date

November 2019

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Publication Title

Journal of Management Inquiry




For all the experiences researchers have with the publication process, questions continue to arise about how to best navigate the revise and resubmit gauntlet. This dialog captures insight from six years of Academy of Management professional development workshops, an action editor’s perspective on the process, and a qualitative exploration of revision derailers—topics focused on understanding and improving the predictability of the revise and resubmit process. In doing so, this dialog serves as a resource for new and accomplished scholars, reviewers, and editors to refocus the revision process on creating and disseminating knowledge throughout business-related fields. The three articles in this dialog first summarize the planning and execution of six professional development workshops (PDWs), the process from the perspective of an action editor, and a content analysis of rejections after an R&R, in order to highlight best practices authors can take to increase success throughout this process.


careers, mentoring, management education