Global leadership development in the university setting and future directions for advancing global leadership research

Publication Date

November 2018

Document Type

Contribution to a Book

Publication Title

Advances in Global Leadership


Joyce S. Osland, Mark E. Mendenhall, Ming Li




This paper summarizes the findings of the empirical papers in this volume and outlines future research directions for global leadership in general. We summarize the state of global leadership development in universities and recommend design criteria for these efforts. Given the popularity of study abroad as an integral component in many global leadership programs, we highlight common challenges for study abroad programs and the importance of taking an organization development approach. We conclude with future directions for global leadership development research in university settings, most of which emerged from the featured papers on this topic in this volume of Advances in Global Leadership. It is our hope that this chapter serves as a primer for both university program directors and researchers. © 2019 by Emerald Publishing Limited All rights of reproduction in any form reserved.


Benchmarks, Global leadership, Global leadership development in universities, Recommendations for future research, Study abroad best practices, Study abroad programs

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