Helping the Helpers Through Mindful Self-Care

Publication Date

October 2023

Document Type

Popular Press

Publication Title

Psychology Today


Self-care is crucial for helping professionals facing burnout and vicarious trauma. Mindfulness-based self-care offers a promising path for self-reflection. The study (Choi & Hyun, 2023) underscores the critical importance of self-care for helping professionals. As participants voiced their sense of empowerment and eagerness to create and deliver workshops for their families and communities, they demonstrated that self-care is integral to social and cultural advocacy. This shift from a deficit-based to a strengths-based self-identity aligns with the role of helping professionals, who must critically assess dominant cultural influences and their impact on their own racial identity development, power dynamics, privilege, and oppression within educational settings (Mitchell & Binkley, 2021). Before effectively addressing systemic oppression and power imbalances, helping professionals must embrace themselves holistically and consider their own agency as a tool for advocating for those in need. When serving diverse individuals and communities, self-care extends beyond relaxation and self-awareness—it encompasses the reclamation of power in all aspects of one's being: physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural.


Self-care, helping professionals, Mindfulness