The Afterlife of an (An)archive

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Capacious: Affect Inquiry / Making Space

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Lancaster, PA


In conceptualizing the Anarchive, SenseLab notes that it "is not a documentation of a past activity. Rather, it is a feed-forward mechanism for lines of creative process, under continuing variation." Yet our work in archiving (pre-service) teacher affects—via an online wunderkammer, and an online affective archive—does document past (preservice) teacher affective activities. The function of these archives in our studies was to evoke and map the trajectories of the affects circulating in our studies, all without arriving at a final answer. Yet, here we are, after the process of data collection is finished, and wondering "what next?" How can we make use of these archives as anarchival "process-making engine[s]," and what can these anarchives do for educators? In this paper, we ruminate on the possibilities and experiments of having our archives of affects be "waystations" to "organizing and orienting live, collaborative encounters" for and with educators. What new events might these (an)/archives feed-forward? What pedagogical, curricular, and emotional "dynamic thresholds" might the traces from these (an)/archives open for educators? We look forward to exploring the intensities, conversations, and materialities that the afterlife of our (an)archives may afford.