A bibliometric analysis of supply chain analytical techniques published in computers & industrial engineering

Publication Date

November 2019

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Computers & Industrial Engineering






Computers & Industrial Engineering (CAIE) is a leading international journal that publishes manuscripts in the field of supply chain. Due to the recent advances of different analytical techniques applied in order to address supply chain related problems, the aim of this work is to study CAIE publications with a focus on the supply chain using a bibliometric approach that can identify the leading trends in this area by analysing the most significant papers, keywords, authors, institutions and countries. The work also develops a graphical mapping of the bibliographic material by using the visualization of similarities (VOS) viewer software. With this software, the study analyses bibliographic coupling, co-occurrence of author keywords and how the journal is connected with other journals through co-citation analysis. The results indicate that Computers and Industrial Engineering has the fourth highest publications in this area among leading journals that publish in Supply Chain, and China and Iran are the leading publishing countries while Taiwan and Singapore have the highest publications per capita. Finally, supply chain optimization modelling received the highest number of publications in the study. © 2019 Elsevier Ltd


Analytics, Bibliometrics, VOS viewer, Web of Science


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