Human papillomavirus knowledge, attitudes, and vaccination among Chinese college students in the United States.

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May 2019

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Human papilloma virus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the USA with some strains increasing the risk of certain cancers. The HPV vaccine, introduced in 2006, has reduced the infection rate, although racial/ethnic disparities in vaccination exist. Asian college students are among those with the lowest vaccination rates, however there has been little exploration as to why. The purposes of this study were to assess (a) knowledge and attitudes regarding HPV and its vaccine, (b) HPV vaccination practices, and (c) factors associated with HPV-related knowledge and attitudes, and vaccination among Chinese college students in the USA. This cross-sectional quantitative survey collected data face-to-face and online from 449 participants. The mean scores for HPV knowledge and attitudes were 40.87 and 2.36 indicating a low-to-moderate level of knowledge but a moderately positive attitude regrading HPV transmission and vaccination. Only half (50.8%) knew that the vaccination could be received after the age of 18 years. Only 38.3% reported having receiving at least one dose of the vaccine, with 92.4% receiving their first HPV vaccines in the USA. Multiple logistic regression showed that men and non-health sciences majors had lower knowledge about HPV. Older students, those without a primary care provider, and those who completed the survey in English had more negative attitudes about the HPV and vaccine. Participants who were younger, female, had a higher level of knowledge, had more positive attitudes, and completed the survey online were associated with better vaccination status. Findings from this study provide insight into Chinese college students’ knowledge and attitudes about HPV and HPV vaccination and may be used to develop culturally sensitive programs that address the risk of HPV and the benefits of HPV vaccine.


Chinese college students, HPV attitudes, HPV knowledge, HPV vaccination


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