The Mathematics Attitudes and Perceptions Survey: New Data and Alignment with Other Recent Findings

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Conference On Research In Undergraduate Mathematics Education

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San Diego, CA


Student attitudes about and perceptions of mathematics influence their success and learning, and have been of interest for many years in mathematics education. The Mathematics Attitudes and Perceptions Survey is a short, validated Likert-scale instrument that measures confidence, interest, relation of mathematics to the real world, persistence in problem solving, growth mindset, use of sense-making behaviours, and the extent of other novice attitudes towards mathematics. In this poster, we share the complete instrument and its categories, a brief summary of the development process and resulting model statistics, as well as scores across different populations measured so far (3 institutions, variety of courses). The student responses include new data since the publication of the instrument as well as additional analysis of groups, in particular a comparison of attitudes between genders that matches with recent results relating STEM persistence to attitudes and beliefs (Ellis et al., 2016; Wang et al., 2016).


Mathematics and Statistics