Math Never Lies: Machine Learning for Fact Finding

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Conference Proceeding

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2016 International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT)

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Bhubaneswar, India




Truth is the foundation of human communication, co-existence and the civilization itself. When this foundation is shaken, it impacts life substantially. How can we detect and prevent this from happening? We all know, math, by itself has never told a lie. Math is the heart of matter. Once expressed in math, the matter dissolves and yields, just like when the person's heart is touched, he dissolves and yields. Math is pure truth. Math therefore presents some novel ways of establishing and detecting truth. Some of this math is in the algorithms of Machine Learning that this talk explores, in the pursuit of truth. The World Wide Web is a key enabler of the evolving world economy and has the potential to bring more and more people into the mainstream. Economy grows as more and more people join its core echelons. People are indeed the most important economic resources at all times. The Web, being humanity’s largest source of information and interaction, can serve as a conduit of humanitarian services to the underprivileged and presents a huge opportunity to meet humanitarian challenges. Unfortunately, a significant percent of the information posted on the Web is not entirely true, which substantially limits its ability to serve the needs of the humanity. In this talk, we will go deeper into the ideas from Machine Learning and other mathematical abstractions to see how we can help make the World Wide Web entirely truthful, which should ideally be an important milestone to achieve in the near future.


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