Applications of lemon or cinnamon essential oils in strawberry fruit preservation: A review

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Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging

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Journal of Food Processing and Preservation




Essential oils are currently being investigated for their potential role as fruit preservatives. They contain a mixture of bioactive compounds that would help preserve fruits without using synthetic chemicals. They can slow or inhibit many fungi and bacteria growth, including Botrytis cinerea, one of the primary pathogens responsible for fruit waste. Lemon and cinnamon essential oils are particularly interesting since they are part of the GRAS list and have well-documented literature on their antimicrobial properties. However, they can potentially alter multiple quality-related physicochemical properties of the fruit. These effects differ depending on the application technique (vapor/edible coating), matrix and the concentration used, etc. This review seeks to clarify the effectiveness of lemon and cinnamon essential oils as a natural preservative by discussing their effects on the physicochemical properties and sensory characteristics of fruits during storage with a focus on strawberries, and potential directions for research.


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