Student Ambassadors: Spreading the Textbook Message

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Open Education Conference 2018

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Niagara Falls, NY


Since 2012, the University Library at San Jose State University has employed two librarians to coordinate the CSU-wide Affordable Learning $olutions (AL$) initiative on campus. In those six years, the initiative had never invested significant resources into including the student voice in spreading the campaign’s message. With this in mind, coordinators determined that students, who are major stakeholders, were missing from the equation and made it a priority to incorporate them into the campaign. In Summer 2017, coordinators realized their goal and hired two AL$ student ambassadors to do the following:

  • Raise student awareness of the initiative on campus
  • Provide a student voice to the initiative
  • Begin a dialogue between program coordinators and students
  • Aid in gaining support from campus administration In Spring 2018, students were tasked with organizing the campus’s first Textbook Affordability Week to celebrate Open Education Week.

They were also in charge of administering a student survey. Our poster presentation will address:
  • Textbook Affordability Week
  • Student Survey Results
  • Student Reflection - Student Round Table Discussion
  • Student Awareness Impact
  • Event Costs & Time Investment

This poster will also reflect on the lessons learned from a student-led campaign to raise awareness of textbook affordability on campus and the added value our student ambassadors have brought to our program.