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July 2013

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World Journalism Education Conference (WJEC)


News, Audience, Internet, Experiment, Video, Message, Recall


Broadcast and Video Studies | Journalism Studies


The emergence of online news offers journalists the opportunity to use a variety of formats to present news, including traditional text and video forms and emerging multimedia forms. This paper reports the results of a series of studies exploring these formats, two experiments and a survey. The first experiment compared three formats of video news delivery and found that format was related to time spent viewing a story, and time spent predicted recall of the story, but no direct relationship was observed between format and recall. The secondexperiment compared three different formats (text, text with pictures, and text with videos), finding less difference in time spent by format, but finding that time spent predicted recall. The third study used a survey of experts to predict the changes in the delivery of news over the next 20 years, projecting that the tablet will emerge as the primary delivery tool, but that the content of news will be little changed.