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January 2008

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Journal of Exercise Physiology online

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Research has revealed substantial knowledge deficits regarding osteoporosis among various healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nurses, and physical therapists. However, no previous studies have addressed the levels of knowledge regarding osteoporosis among exercise physiologists working in a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation setting. It is essential that exercise physiologists have a thorough understanding of osteoporosis so they can ensure client safety and provide accurate information to the client and support group. The purpose of this project was to evaluate the levels of knowledge about osteoporosis among exercise physiologists working with clients who are at high risk for fragility fractures. Ninety-six exercise physiologists (female = 63 , male = 33) working in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation clinics throughout the United States were randomly selected and completed a three component survey, which included a 21-item osteoporosis knowledge test. The scores ranged from 11 to 20 with a mean score of 16.3 ± 1.7. Fifty percent of the respondents scored lower than 80% on the test. The major areas of knowledge deficit found were related to disease prevalence, nutritional relationships, and prevention. Additional findings suggest journal articles, websites, pamphlets, and presentations are the preferred methods for leaning among exercise physiologists. These findings are vital for guiding educational programs aimed at improving the osteoporosis related knowledge base of exercise professionals working with clients at high risk for fracture.


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