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California Academic Research Libraries (CARL) Conference


Library and Information Science | Scholarly Communication


Scholars have many different ways of promoting and sharing their work in the current information landscape. In addition to the traditional modes of research and scholarly dissemination, faculty can develop their professional online personas and identities and build social and digital communities to promote their thoughts, ideas, and achievements. For faculty who are new to academia and/or seeking efficiencies in managing and leveraging tools to maximize their online scholarly impact, this brave new world of social media can be incredibly daunting and complex. Librarians are uniquely poised to assist. Librarians serve the entire campus community and have the reputation for being technologically savvy, objective, and trustworthy. These qualities are in great demand as librarians take on the challenge of educating faculty, staff, and students about social media, academic and research networks, and online sharing that is legal and aligned with one’s comfort, technological, and effort levels. This poster will identify new opportunities for library programming in this evolving scholarly environment. Additionally, the authors will report on their current efforts in tracking, collating, and displaying faculty output with limited or no financial support. The poster will encourage attendees to consider how their campus is measuring the impact of faculty work outside of traditional publishing venues, the evolving nature of scholarly output, and the manner in which to best capture that information. Methods used and programs offered at SJSU Library may help attendees determine how to implement these activities on their respective campuses.


Poster presentation.