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California Academic and Research Libraries (CARL) Conference


social media, Facebook, marketing


Library and Information Science | Social Media


Within a few months, Pearson Library at California Lutheran University went from having 15 likes to 111 likes. What's our secret to having a thriving Facebook page? How did we use this medium in a new way? There are many reasons as to why a library’s Facebook page is not successful and we experienced some those challenges: lack of time, we did not know what to post, we did not have many “likes”, and we did not know how often to post. The solution to many of our problems was to hire a student to help manage the page. With direction from a librarian, our student was responsible for brainstorming, creating, and posting the content. The posts that we found worked well included: general announcements, current events that everyone should know, pictures from events and displays, sharing and liking other page’s posts, and posts with photos or text that asked for the interaction. What we tried to keep in mind was that the posts needed to fun and interesting as well as relevant to students.


Lightning Round presentation.