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SCIL Works 2012


Information Literacy | Library and Information Science


“You are an exercise science major and you have a mid-term essay due in two weeks. You’ve chosen to write about the benefits of yoga. The assignment requires you to find at least 2 peer-reviewed articles (also known as scholarly articles).” This is the scenario that I have given to students during one-shots and although that does not excite them, seeing iPads being distributed in conjunction with the activity certainly does. But, instead of using the iPad as a parallel to a computer (meaning that students use the web app to find materials), the students use the iPads to scan the QR codes that I have generated and then take the iPads out to the periodical stacks in teams to find the differences between scholarly and popular articles, primary v. secondary sources, and to use WorldCat Local to find their own articles. At the end, we all come back together to talk about what they found, and for me to show them some last minute things and to assess their learning. Find out more about how the activity is set up and whether or not it is possible to have such an elaborate session all within the limits of a 50-minute one-shot.


Lightning Round Presentation for the SCIL Works 2012 Conference, Claremont, CA.