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May 2016

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LOEX Annual Conference


Information Literacy | Library and Information Science


Socrative, Poll Everywhere, clicker -- no matter which student response system you use, the key to its effectiveness is in the questions you create. This presentation explores how to craft questions that engage students and help assess their understanding. Participants will be introduced to the anatomy of a multiple-choice question and learn to differentiate between effective and ineffective questions. Illustrations will focus on topics covered in a standard information literacy session, and participants will learn how to incorporate student response systems into lesson plans to better achieve student learning objectives.Participants will:be able to create effective multiple-choice questions for use with a student response system within an information literacy class sessionbe able to identify the different types of questions that can be used to assess and engage studentsbe able to create a lesson plan that includes student response systems in a meaningful wayIntended audience: brand new to the topic, some experience with the topic.