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April 2012

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Journal of Library and Information Science

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Information Literacy(資訊素養);Workplace Expectations(職 場期望);Academic Librarian(學術圖書館員);Subject Librarian (學科館員);Economic Values(經濟價值);Cross-cultural Study (跨文化研究);Globalization(全球化)


Critical and Cultural Studies | Information Literacy | International and Comparative Education | International and Intercultural Communication


This cross-cultural study has two main purposes: to investigate how information literacy is perceived in the workplace and to discover how employees obtain information to carry out their jobs in an effective and timely fashion. This project applies a mix of research methods, including site visits, interviews, and a survey. More than 120 participants from forty companies were involved in this study. They were from a wide variety of industries in Taiwan and Silicon Valley, in Northern California, where many companies base offices or operations from around the world. Major obstacles in conducting cross-continent research are cost, time demands, scheduling, and adaptation to local culture. In this global economy, cross-cultural and cross-border research will help educators, such as librarians, understand the complexity of skills expected in the workplace. Much has been written on information literacy, yet very few can relate how information literacy is applied in the workplace. This primary study sheds some light to help academic librarians reposition themselves as researchers-educators integral to student success.