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CARL 2016


Information Literacy | Library and Information Science


As a way to enhance their educational experience and promote global citizenship, students in higher education are often expected to participate in activities beyond the walls of their universities. These activities may include study abroad, internships, service learning projects, and much more. While these activities can take place far from the university setting, they also often occur in the university’s local community, where our students work or volunteer at local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and service agencies. These students bring their real world projects to their course work, where libraries and librarians engage with them to find real world solutions using library resources. What role do academic libraries play in supporting students as they engage in these activities? Can academic libraries play a role in supporting local communities beyond the help they provide for students engaged in community projects? If so, how can academic libraries plan for and respond to local business and community needs? Issues associated with the increasingly blurred lines between school and work and how libraries can navigate these boundaries will be addressed. This preconference will focus on what academic librarians are already doing for local communities, both directly and indirectly, and how to replicate at their own institutions. Participants will engage with case studies to plan a research strategy, suggest recommended sources and address access issues specific to community projects. Interactive polling will capture participant suggestions to augment a community engagement packet. Participants will leave with innovative community outreach programs that can be replicated on their campuses. Workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities for librarians to provide direct and indirect support to local communities;
  • Compare and contrast the different economic resources that support local communities; and
  • Demonstrate the usefulness of resources such as census data, geographic information systems (GIS), and subscription-based databases to local communities.


Preconference held at the 2016 CARL Conference in Costa Mesa, California.