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San Jose State, College campus, Library, Space, Innovative Space, SJSU


Library and Information Science


The Martin Luther King, Jr. Library at San Jose State University is a unique combination of both academic and public library. The academic library has a special place on the college campus in the United States; usually, it is centrally located on the university as a primary place of convergence. The King Library offers space for everybody’s use. This presentation provided information on the initial analysis for data collected in a study of the “library as place” and SJSU students' perceptions regarding their sense of belonging towards the King Library building. The study had three goals: 1) Learn about the implementation of library services as a strategy for empowering student populations in academic libraries, 2) Identify the actual use of the library as a place by university students and 3) Make recommendations for future services that enhance the students' use of the library. In order to achieve those goals, this study involved a mixed quantitative-qualitative research approach.