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January 2011

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DisCover: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching



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Information Literacy | Library and Information Science


I started attending Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) events in 2008 when I received a Title III faculty mini-grant to do research in the use of new and evolving technologies in teaching and learning. I attended the first event because it was mandatory for grant recipients. These events were very informative and stimulating because guest speakers and audiences talked about the various teaching methods that they incorporated into their practices. And since then I continued to attend CETL events whenever possible. In most colleges and universities, librarians conduct Information Literacy classes and help students at the reference desk. I consider these two services to be ‘teaching’. Thus, it is important for librarians to be involved in research and discussions about existing, new, and evolving pedagogies. In this article I describe my teaching method and how CETL events are relevant to what I do as an academic librarian.


This article originally appeared in DisCover, volume 3, Fall 2011. It is included here with permission.