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January 2009

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DisCover: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching


Second Life (SL) is a 3-D virtual online environment that was first released in 2003 by Linden Lab. Educators speculate that it has the ability to support kinesthetic and audio-visual styles. Many universities and colleges have built their teaching campuses in SL in order to experiment with teaching and learning activities in SL. In this study, data were collected from 16 students to evaluate how students respond to the various communication modes available in SL, how students perceive the manipulation of in-world movement, navigation, and action affordances in SL, and how students perceive using a virtual environment to attain learning goals. In other words, the study was designed to evaluate cognitive impression, diegesis of activities in SL, and the process of learning in SL.


This article appeared in DisCover, volume 2.1, 2009. It is included here with permission.